Reminders & Term 2 Registration Update

Hi all,


Many thanks to those who made it to registration on Saturday.  Here are the Beaumont CCE Bank Account details for the bank transfer:


Reference to be entered: Family Surname + First Name of one of the children

IBAN: IE95 ULSB 9850 1526 631122

Account Name: Beaumont CCE


An example reference for Conor McHugh would be: MCHUGHCONOR.

If there is a character limit, please enter the surname and the partial first name as we will still be able to correctly identify the family.


Many thanks in advance and please reach out if there are any issues making transfers.


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On Fri, 10 Jan 2020 at 14:40, Comhaltas Beaumont CCÉ <> wrote:

Hi all,


Some quick updates following on from my previous emails.



  1. Carlingford sign-up closing today for U15 & U18 groups (See previous email for details)
  2. Saturday classes are starting back tomorrow (11th January)
  3. Wednesday classes are starting back next week (15th January)

Updates on the Term 2 Registration Process:


Term 2 Pricing Structure


Wednesday Term 2 Class Price
Classes Child A – 1st Class €150.00
Classes Child A – 2nd Class €120.00
Classes Child A – 3rd Class €120.00
Classes Child B – 1st Class €150.00
Classes Child B – 2nd Class €120.00
Classes Child B – 3rd Class €120.00
Additional Child Discount for Child B -€10.00
(Continues structure for additional children)
Wednesday Term 2 Extra Classes Class Price
Piano* €0.00
Ceili Dancing** €60.00
Senior Group €60.00
Adult Class €75.00
Saturday Term 2 Classes Class Price
Classes Child A €115.00
Classes Child B €105.00
Classes Child C €95.00
(Continues structure for additional children – deducting 10 euros per additional child)
Comhaltas & Competition Fees *** Class Price
Family €25.00
Senior €12.00

* Piano class is only free for those playing piano for Ceili Band Competitions. 

** Ceili Band class is dependant on numbers.

*** Comhaltas & Competition Fees are paid once per year and not per term

Please note that the family cap is remaining at €650


Payment Process (New)

  1. Review the above pricing structure above.
  2. Decide on the classes that you child/children will be signing up for.
  3. Come to the Committee Desk this Saturday between 6PM & 8PM or Wednesday between 6PM & 8PM
  4. A member of the committee will calculate the cost of your classes
  5. A member of the committee will then provide you with a receipt and a print-out of the Bank Transfer details/instructions.

Online transfers significantly reduce the committee’s administrative tasks and lower the club’s banking fees.  If for whatever reason you cannot make the payment online via bank transfer, please notify a member of the committee to make alternate arrangements.


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Beaumont Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann
Chair: Oisín Mac Fhearaí | Secretary: Conor McHugh | Treasurer: Denise Flood